Looking Back On Cinco De Mayo Weekend 2017 In Boxing

Cinco De Mayo Weekend

Cinco De Mayo weekend this year in the sport of boxing had some ups and downs but in the end fans got something that they’ve been craving.

Okay, as we all probably are thinking the same thing right now in that we hoped that after last week’s fight across the pond between Joshua and Klitschko, that here in the US we would be able to match that same level of excitement and boxing love with Canelo vs Chavez Jr.

Now the undercards were okay, fair enough, as we saw the return of Lucas Matthysse as he won by KO and Jo Jo Diaz – along with David Lemeiux who were all victorious.

In the main event Chavez Jr was more focused and disciplined than normal going into the fight. We heard nothing to make us feel concerned during his training camp, for the most part.

Canelo as always was tremendously focused, we even saw a little bad blood between the two of them. Everything was perfect to give us hope that this was going to be electric.

It was not to be so however. Canelo completely dominated and outclassed Chavez Jr. who offered little to no resistance.

Even when he would get on the inside where he wanted to be – Chavez Jr. barely let his hands go.

Was it the weight that took away his power and energy levels? To his credit Chavez showed a great chin but I think it’s fair to say we were all hoping for a little more.

Canelo showed us the experience he had learned from all his fights against top level opposition up to this point.

His jab was strong, his body work was present and his countering was on point, all be it with a lack of head movement.

He cruised to a unanimous decision shutout, winning all twelve rounds in the end. During the fight the crowd seemed very unsettled and were even booting at points.

But then ‘it’ happened afterwards.

Canelo called out GGG and he walked down the aisle to his music, while a video of his knockouts played on the titan tron.

Both men confirmed the deal was done and September 2017 we will have the fight everyone have been waiting for.

In that moment no one cared about the past but looked towards what is to come. Boxing is a fical a game as they come.