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Bernard Hopkins On GGG vs Canelo Being ‘Personal’ For Him

Bernard Hopkins on GGG vs Canelo super-fight being personal to him as he reacts to the news of it getting finally made.

Legendary fighter Bernard Hopkins has more than a couple of connections with the Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez fight come September 16th.

First off, as a partner in Golden Boy Promotions who promote Canelo – he has the obvious business connection of wanting to see Canelo win and do well.

But from a personal perspective Hopkins still owns the record for most middleweight title defences in the history of boxing.

A record Gennady Golovkin is fast approaching.

A fight between Golovkin and Hopkins would have made for some interesting viewing in it’s time. The calculated big punching pressure of GGG vs the slick defensive genius of Hopkins.

Hopkins would have had a decent reach advantage and hypothetically one might be forgiven for thinking that he would have looked to keep the fight long and use what could have been perceived as superior boxing skills.

He always liked to fight at his own pace though – something that Golovkin doesn’t typically let anyone do over the course of a championship fight.

Alas, that fight will never be now, due to where both men are in their careers and the fact Hopkins is near the very end of his exceptional boxing tenure.

Speaking to Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub YouTube (hat tip) Hopkins touches on why Golovkin vs Canelo is personal for him come September 16th:

Bernard Hopkins On GGG vs Canelo

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