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Canelo beat down of Mexican boxing rival Chavez Jr draws a mixed reaction from the boxing community and the fans the world over.

Ultimately Canelo Alvarez proved to be Mexico’s ‘Numero Uno’ with relevant ease as he dominated his larger opponent Julio Cesar Chavez Jr over the course of their 12 round catchweight bout.

Many thought the fight would be a close one beforehand, but many like Floyd Mayweather here, did think Canelo would be too much for him in the end.

Going to the body and head regularly Canelo was able to utilize his superior boxing skills in the end over a Chavez Jr who looked gaunt and lacked energy in the ring.

The Canelo beat down ultimately set up the Golovkin fight for the middleweight title this September. Here’s how the boxing world has been reacting to Canelo vs Chavez Jr over the weekend:

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