7 Boxing Author Canelo vs Chavez Predictions

7 Canelo vs Chavez predictions from boxing authors ahead of one of the biggest all-Mexican fights in years.

(By Devon Ledford  and Gavin O’Connor)

Believe it or not Cinco de Mayo has a history outside of boxing this weekend. Cinco De Mayo is the celebration of the Mexican victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862 for fight fans who might not have been aware.

Fast forward 155 years later and another battle is looming. But this battlefield is actually in a boxing ring and the opposing armies are both Mexican, not a french man in sight.

One is a superstar of a sport, the other is the son of boxing royalty. Both are vying for the hearts and minds of a boxing nation, so the initial question is twofold.

Who is going to win this weekend’s big fight between Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and who will inherit the mantle of Mexico’s ‘Numero Uno’?

We have asked a collection of  boxing writers their respective views and predictions for the fight in a bid to get a balanced view on this weekend’s Canelo vs Chavez predictions.

Chris Mealey, Author at Boxing News and Views, USA.

The build up for this bout and progress between the fighters have made this a tough one to call. It will be a toe to toe brawl, so I have to give it to Canelo here.

I believe the body work will prove difficult to overcome for Chavez and he may even hit the canvas from those shots.

I don’t see a KO happening with all the Mexican pride on both their shoulders – going with Canelo UD in a war.

Dmitry Sukhotskiy Co Founder at Neds Boxing Emporium and Professional Boxer, Russia.

I can see a very close fight, but I think Canelo will have the boxing edge. It won’t be easy however due to the size and weight difference on the night. Canelo UD.

Robert Drummer Elmore, Boxing Author, USA . 

Chavez has at times been very undisciplined outside the ring with his weight and lack of focus.

He looks very focused with Nacho Berenstein in his corner this time though. He must keep that focus. Chavez is taller and longer than Canelo, so the use of the jab will be key for him.

But he can’t be lazy with it or else he will be countered. Chavez can also throw combinations but he has to pick his spots.

I would encourage him to take advantage of this when Canelo is resting during rounds which he sometimes likes to do.

Chavez must make his punches clean so the judges can see them and he can’t get rattled if he gets hit – which is going to happen.

He should make Canelo reset and keep him off balance. If Chavez does this he wins.

Devon Ledford, Boxing Analyst, USA. 

I don’t think it will be easy. I’ve said that I expect both fighters to leave something of themselves in the ring after this fight.

I think the weight cut and the body shots will wear junior down enough to get him to give it up.

There’s no way they will both leave the ring unchanged.

Michael Wicks, Boxing Author and Analyst, UK.

Chavez has a good set of whiskers. I was concerned about his skinny abdomen from what was on show at the weigh in because Canelo likes to go to the body.

I want to see Chavez keep Canelo on the end of one-two combinations. I  know it’s basic but with his length if he can  establish it early, he can build as the fight progresses. 50 / 50 fight for me.

Mark Gannon, Author at Boxing News and Views, Ireland.

Canelo for me is the more talented of the two. The only difference is this time he is fighting a naturally bigger man, however style-wise I feel Chavez Jr is a good match for Canelo.

He’s never had a great defence or fast feet so Canelo shouldn’t have much trouble finding him with his

Chavez Jr certainly seems in tip top shape but I feel the weight cut will affect him the longer the fight goes on.

I’m expecting a great fight but I’m also expecting Canelo to come out victorious in a UD or a late stoppage.

Ronnie Johnson, Boxing Analyst and Author, USA.

I believe the physical elements of Canelo’s fighting arsenal may very well be tested in ways we haven’t seen before .

Primarily given the X-factor of how well he handles the jump up to 164.5lbs, having never officially faced a full-fledged middleweight before.

Canelo began his pro career at welterweight and essentially jumped a weight division to fight an already oversized champion who’s fought as high as light-heavyweight.

While Chavez Jr is a far cry from his father, I don’t think we should forget the qualities that made him into a world champion to begin with either.

Mainly an understanding of how to properly assert his size or power advantage over a physically inferior opponent.

There’s no telling if Canelo’s power, speed, reflexes and conditioning will be the same at 164lbs and if he finds himself unable to discourage Chavez Jr’s aggression with his punching power, his past stamina issues could come into play as a result of the unrelenting pressure.

Beyond that factor is Chavez Jr’s penchant for drastic re-hydration, as it wouldn’t all surprise to to see him enter the ring at 180+ pounds.

Considering Canelo’s plans to move back down to Middleweight should he be victorious tomorrow, I see this as a very risky fight on his part.

Having said that, if Canelo handles the weight transition well, I believe class will tell over time and his composure under fire and uppercuts may halt some of Chavez Jr’s bodywork, swinging things all the way in Alvarez’s favor.

I expect somewhat of a Mexican shootout to ignite the Cinco De Mayo Weekend, but one ending in a competitive Canelo decision, and a KO, possibly if Chavez Jr doesn’t handle the weight transition well himself.

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