Max Kellerman Reacts To Joshua vs Klitschko On ESPN

Boxing broadcaster Max Kellerman reacts to Joshua vs Klitschko with epic analysis following the major heavyweight title fight.

US sports and boxing circles like everywhere have been rightly fawning over what they witnessed between Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko in the UK.

One suspects that the powers that be in the US will desperately try to get Joshua over to America to box at least once over the next year or two, given his massive global appeal.

While Wladimir Klitschko boxed in the US on a few occasions as a heavyweight champion he never quite took off over there.

With youth on Joshua’s side, you’d imagine he can box anywhere he likes at this stage if he can sell out 90,000 stadiums in his backyard in London like he has.

Speaking on ESPN today Max Kellerman reacts to what he saw and summed it up well by saying:

“Boxing doesn’t always give you the best product like the NFL or NBA does – but when boxing is at it’s best everything else can take a back seat. That’s (Joshua vs Klitschko) the best sporting event you will see in the months of April or May. Anthony Joshua is now an international superstar – the heavyweight champion of the world.”

On the ball, Max.

Here’s hoping the positive momentum for the sport of boxing will continue over the coming weeks and months. Next big fight up – Canelo Alvarez vs Julion Cesar Chavez Jr on Cinco De Mayo weekend.

For the full Kellerman reaction check it out here via ESPN YouTube (hat tip):