Froch On How Joshua Knockdown By Klitschko Will Help AJ Going Forward

The Joshua knockdown scored by Klitschko at Wembley was of the heavier kind, perhaps one of the best punches thrown of Klitschko’s career.

It came as Joshua was in an upright position and unprepared for the shot in round 6 of the fight. A slight delayed reaction and down Joshua went.

He rose back to his feet with his legs all over the place but to his credit, he survived the round and stayed in the fight like all great fighters tend to do after getting hurt.

UK boxing warrior Carl Froch was commentating on the fight for Sky Sports on the night and you could tell a lot when the punch went in as not only did the commentators go quiet, most of the stadium did.

Speaking after the fight however to Sky Sports – Froch noted it will help Joshua in the future:

“To get put down and then somehow get up will make him a better fighter, no doubt about it.”

He added:

“Lennox Lewis has done it, Mike Tyson has done it – anyone could get knocked out.”

As the old saying goes, it’s not how hard you can hit but how hard you can get it, and keep moving forward. As a famous line from the iconic Rocky series so eloquently phrased it one time.

But it’s true though.

Joshua’s chin has been tested full force now. He’s shown he can not only take punches but when he goes down from a big one, he gets up.

Punches like this from a world level professional heavyweight fighter must be like getting a baseball bat across the face:

Joshua knockdown in round 6

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