The Truth About ‘That’ Jay Z and Barry Chuckle Pic Ringside At Joshua vs Klitschko

A viral photo swept the internet when it appeared Jay Z and Barry Chuckle were best boxing buddies ringside at Joshua vs Klitschko.

The amount of re-tweets and opinions about the picture was quite incredible. Almost drumming up as much noise as the boxing itself.

It appeared a bit out of place at first impressions, with Barry from the Chuckle Brothers and international rap artist Jay Z appearing to be a rather unlikely duo.

Many people fell for it being real. The craftsmanship put into the photo shop editing by whoever pulled it off was quite the feat to their credit.

The picture above really looks the part to be fair and this tweet with from ex-footballer Stan Collymore really got the Twitter sphere going:

Jay Z and Barry Chuckle ringside, eh?

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Too good to be true for those that wanted it to be. An outstanding piece of artwork all the same.

The real photo was actually taken by Getty a couple of years back as pointed out by many people online and the photo of Chuckle was actually super imposed over the head of pound for pound rated fighter Andre Ward from California:

See the resemblance? Didn’t think so.

The fight itself last night between Joshua and Klitschko was attended by a number of celebrities mind you.

No doubt Jay Z who is in the boxing business these days could indeed find himself ringside in the UK for a fight in the future.

Particularly with the momentum the country has in the boxing landscape at the moment.