Anthony Joshua Message After Beating Klitschko

The personal Anthony Joshua message shot directly in the ring not long after defeating Klitschko at Wembley stadium.

Anthony Joshua must be waking up a happy man this morning. No doubt he celebrated his big win at Wembley stadium in some style one suspects.

Even if he is a little hungover this morning, that won’t be enough to rain on his considerable parade following a memorable night for him.

He showed immense fortitude to comeback in a tough period in the fight to stop Klitschko in the 11th round. Round 6 in particular springs to mind when Joshua went down for the first time in his pro career.

The right hand he was caught with by Klitschko would have surely knocked out a few heavyweights.

You could tell it was a heavy knockdown with the unsteadiness of Joshua’s legs for the rest of the round and indeed most of the next in round 7.

Throughout the build-up to the fight Joshua has remained humble in his messaging to his fans andwas not been tempted to through mud back on social media to the jibes he often receives everyday.

As is the case in the modern society we now live in most things news related tend to come from social media these days.

This has not been lost on Joshua, posting a lot of personal updates on his social media profiles regularly leading up to the fight.

Here is the Anthony Joshua message he left in the ring for his fans and the boxing world alike: