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Anthony Joshua celebrates the biggest win of his boxing career and night of his life more humbly than most probably would.

They say you can tell a lot about a person by how they react and deal with adversity in life.

Anthony Joshua has certainly done that when you consider his past and how he turned his life around to get where he is today.

But the same moral compass gauge might also be applied for a human being in terms of how they react to success in life, if they go off the deep end, or if they develop an over inflated ego.

In a lot of cases it’s not the person who changes with success. It’s some of the bad people they might have around them that do. Begrudges can often form.

Anthony Joshua is clever enough to know that egos and surrounding one’s self with bad people is no good.

Negative energies that can develop limitations of thought, declined work ethic and limiting growth as a person that can stand in the way of the important things in life to someone.

He’s not a man for the mad partying and wild spending as a lot of famous people perhaps are, which in my opinion, will continue to make him a success as a boxer over the coming years.

Speaking to The Mirror after his fight with Klitschko, he mentioned he celebrated his big win not be heading out drinking alcohol or anything of the like, but instead heading to bed early staying in bed until the afternoon today to rest.

He went on to say he usually takes a short holiday break after a fight but instead this time simply wanted to catch up with family as his main celebration.

If he can keep the head down and getting better at his craft, after only 19 professional fights and a relatively short amateur career before that, it will be interesting to see how much of his potential he can tap into.

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