Watch: Anthony Joshua Knocks Out Klitschko At Wembley Stadium!

Anthony Joshua knocks out Klitschko with in one of the best heavyweight title fights in a very, very long time.

Anthony Joshua knocks out Klitschko to become a new force not just in the heavyweight division, but boxing as a whole worldwide – in a fight that was heard around the globe.

Going into the fight the weight of a nation was on Joshua’s shoulders. Expectation was almost palpable tonight at Wembley stadium but he dealt with it perfectly.

You wouldn’t have known if he had any nerves tonight.

Both fighters looked confident as they walked out to the ring in an atmosphere that looked quite extraordinary in a special night for the sport of boxing.

Fighting for the IBF, WBA (Super) and IBO world heavyweight titles, there was something a bit different in the air tonight.

An almost intangible sense of anticipation.

The first round was a tentative affair for the most part. Both fighters were pretty cagey and it was actually Klitschko who established the centre of the ring and who looked a bit more aggressive.

The second was a bit more of a positive one for Joshua. He landed some light but effective shots on Klitschko who was proving to be an awkward target to find for Joshua with power shots.

Round 3 was another good one for Joshua. He landed a solid flurry in the middle of the round in particular. Klitschko was looking uncomfortable in the centre of the ring.

Klitschko came back a bit in round 4. Pressing the action on the front foot and landing a nice check left hook at one point.

The 5th round brought about massive drama as Anthony Joshua became the first man in a very long time to put Klitschko on the floor.Klitschko to his credit got back to his feet with a cut on his eye, coming back firing at Joshua. Klitschko remarkably came back and hurt Joshua towards the end of the round.

Perhaps one of the best rounds in recent heavyweight boxing memory.

Klitschko dropped Joshua with a massive right hand in round 6, one of the best punches thrown in a long time by the Ukraine boxing great.

Joshua to his credit got back to his feet and somehow managed to survive the round after a massive right hand.

Round 7 saw very little punch output from Joshua. It looked like he was still trying to recover from the knockdown in round 6. Joshua managed to land a solid combination towards the end of the round.

The Englishman looked to have totally recovered by the 8th round. Klitschko’s jab started to become a bit more effective by this point in the fight.

The Klitschko foot work and movement was something else for a 41 year old boxer who had not fought in over 18 months. Klitschko displayed zero ring rust.

Round 9 was a close round to call overall.

Klitschko’s experience was proving a bit much for Joshua in round 10, although he was starting to tire in the round it looked like towards the end.

Joshua hurt and rocked Klitschko at the beginning of round 11. Then Joshua unleashed what can only be described as a right uppercut from hell on Klitschko!

He followed it up with a flurry and sent Klitschko to the ground twice. How he managed to get up was remarkable in itself.

Joshua followed it up with another massive barrage of punches and closed the show in style in round 11! Here’s how he did it: