Lennox Lewis On Anthony Joshua Not Wanting To Fight In USA

Lennox Lewis on Anthony Joshua claims that he does not want to fight in America and base himself in the UK mostly.

Anthony Joshua was recently quoted as saying he doesn’t really see the need to go to America over the coming years as he builds his worldwide star.

He didn’t rule it out entirely but wasn’t enthusiastic about the US, instead opting to stay in Britain which is many ways is the new boxing capital of the world as things stand at the moment.

Joshua did mention that he would like to fight in Africa one day however.

The US traditionally was the main super power in the world of boxing over the years. Certainly when it came to the heavyweight division at least.

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The landscape has changed significantly in recent times however with the UK now holding a large number of professional boxing world champions on it’s shores.

None more prominent at the moment than Joshua of course.

UK heavyweight boxing great Lennox Lewis travelled the world during his career and towards the end of it famously stopped long time rival Mike Tyson in the States.

Lennox is of the belief that a world champion should be that, a world champion, and travel around the world to defend his belts:

Lennox Lewis On Anthony Joshua Not Wanting To Fight In USA

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