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WBO President Gives His Take On Fury-Parker Situation

WBO president chimes in with his initial view on the Joseph Parker vs Hughie Fury fight no longer taking place in May as planned.

The fight has been called off following an official statement put out by Parker’s promoters citing an injury to challenger Hughie Fury.

However the news was initially broke by WBO president Paco Valcárcel, Esq. on Twitter who had the following to say:

He followed this up with a short, and well, unexplained view of why the fight is not happening:

If the fight is off due to injury there is nothing that can be done about it. These things happen in professional sports, particularly in combat sports like boxing.

While it is massively disappointing for boxing fans who were looking forward to the fight only to see it called off so close to the bout taking place, the news must be even more heart breaking for Hughie Fury himself who has been locked away in training for months.

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His first world title shot was within touching distance and while it was a very difficult fight for him, it was expected to be a genuine 50/50 that could have gone either away (at least according to the bookies).

As of the time of this article no response from Hughie, his father and trainer Peter or his promoter has been issued on the type of injury sustained just yet.

Perhaps the fight can still be made down the line. It’s certainly one people were looking forward to:

(Hat tip Boxing Elite YouTube)