Tyson Fury Makes Suggestion To Rihanna

Tyson Fury Makes

Tyson Fury makes a comment to the international singer amid a flurry of tweets that have had the boxing world talking.

The colorful Manchester heavyweight has been back to his old self and in full flow this week. He’s been on a Twitter rampage and has been causing controversy everywhere.

In 2016 Fury had some well documented mental health problems. These appear to be completely behind him now. If this week is anything to go by anyway.

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He’s always been known as a rogue and a joker on Twitter. He’s now approached Rihanna about singing┬áhim out to the ring for his comeback:

Tyson Fury makes suggestion to Rihanna

Classic Fury. It doesn’t look like ‘Ri Ri’ has replied to him just yet.

He’s followed up with the above stating it’s now a career goal of his to get Rihanna to sing him to the ring:

He’s been bombarding Anthony Joshua very heavily this week online too. But his attention has also turned to others in the division, as well as in boxing – that he doesn’t like:

Indeed, the Tyson Fury twitter feed is turning into a bit of a media titan. Anything he says seems to be causing a massive wave in the boxing world.

Perhaps it was because he was away for so long out of the limelight. Now that his fans and haters alike have him back, his words seem to be causing more of a stir than even before.

From a realistic point of view, a comeback is likely a bit away just yet. When it happens though there will be plenty of fights out there for him.

Fury still holds the Ring Magazine belt in the heavyweight division. That and the fact he’s a well known name not just in boxing now, will surely bring some big fights to the table.

Here’s what happened the last time Fury was in a ring: