Dana White Opens Up About Mayweather McGregor Negotiations

Mayweather McGregor negotiations details have emerged from the main man at the UFC who for the first time goes into detail.

When Dana White starts talking about behind the scenes negotiations in public, you can bet that things are getting serious.

The Mayweather vs McGregor saga has dragged on but it looks more clear now as to what is going on.

Initially Dana White went on the Colin Cowherd show this year making an offer of $25 million. A sum for each fighters as a purse. Plus a split of the pay per view on top of that.

He’s revised those numbers considerably upwards now.

Speaking today on the Mayweather McGregor negotiations, White has said he thinks Mayweather makes ‘north’ of $100 million. McGregor around $75 million.

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He’s also mentioned that most likely it will be him and boxing manager Al Haymon who negotiate the deal behind the scenes.

The McGregor side is due to be hashed out in the coming days.

It will be entirely a boxing event in every regard. The only UFC branding or involvement being Dana White and Conor McGregor.

The below chat shows that Floyd Mayweather still uses Al Haymon as his adviser to this day for boxing. It also gives a unique insight into the Mayweather McGregor negotiations:

(Top image source and credit: Totalsports.com.au)