Dana White Update On Mayweather vs McGregor

UFC president Dana White update on the much speculated Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing match expected soon.

Over the weekend Conor McGregor said this Easter that his next fight is due to be announced ‘very soon’.

Some have since suggested however that in fact it could be a UFC fight next before Mayweather. Not an immediate boxing match with the American next up.

I’m not sure I buy that theory however.

UFC president Dana White has been known to pour cold water on rumors in the past all the time. Only for them to actually come true sometimes.

He has significantly changed his stance on the chances of the boxing match happening recently. He continues to be more and more positive about it.

However speaking to TMZ this Dana White update on the boxing match suggests there’s a while to wait yet for an official announcement:

While he’s been positive above, there’s obviously nothing concrete just yet.

The fact he said ‘yeah’ to the question about anything new on the front is definitely a good sign for those wanted to see it though.

Most likely the financial haggling for the splits is what’s going on at the moment.

McGregor is still due to have his first child with his girlfriend any day now – so he’ll need to take care of that first before committing to any fight.

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