Insane Joshua vs Klitschko Showtime Boxing Promo Clip

This Showtime boxing promo has signalled the hype train leaving the train station ahead of the biggest fight in years.

This Showtime boxing promo with the song theme ‘We Will Rock You’ fits about about right.

Over the last few weeks some fans had noted that there hadn’t been much build up for the Joshua vs Klitschko fight yet.

They’re right. There wasn’t.

Earlier today however the reason for that became clear. The US TV channel information and rights were only confirmed today here.

Now that they are confirmed one of the TV channels carrying the fight are off and running. Showtime have commenced their build-up.

It’s as good as you’ll see for promo videos online. As far as boxing videos go.

There is a genuine feeling of anticipation around this one. One would hope that the fight lives up to the hype. To do so, Joshua will have to force the fight and take the safety-first Klitschko out of his stride early.

No time for half measures. People want a knockout in this.

Heavyweight boxing on the grand stage and the world awaits something special from what could be the next marquee heavyweight name in boxing.

Enough of my guff – here’s the first Showtime boxing promo on Joshua vs Klitschko via their YouTube channel:

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