McGregor Update On An Imminent Fight Announcement

Conor McGregor update on Mayweather boxing match announcement set to happen soon as the Irishman narrows in on the fight.

A Conor McGregor update has been posted on the Irishman’s Instagram account as the expected Floyd Mayweather boxing match looks set to finally be announced:

The words ‘very soon’ can be interpreted in a few ways at this stage. But one suspects an announcement is imminent.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission have said there is no problem in sanctioning the contest too.

The UFC and Dana White are no longer a stumbling block to making the fight happen either. All hurdles now seem to be out of the way.

It appears at least.

The fight is something that both athletes have said they want many times. A suspected September date is being lined up to make the fight happen.

Las Vegas is the most likely destination for the bout.

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It is understood negotiations between the UFC and McGregor are ongoing. The UFC will likely take a portion of McGregor’s purse and assist in the promotion of the event.

It will be interesting to see what kind of undercard will be on it too. Nothing on this has been mentioned just yet.

The fight will be billed as a boxing event so one would expect boxing commentators calling the fight.

Although some have also suggested that members of the MMA world could also be involved in the broadcast for balance.

Expect the announcement soon – at long, long last: