Boxing fans react to the Sky Sports segment Joshua Klitschko The Gloves Are Off. They have not been mincing their words.

Joshua Klitschko The Gloves Are Off wasn’t exactly fight fans’ cup of tea.

The reaction and general lambasting of Joshua Klitschko The Gloves Are Off won’t come as a surprise to many. It didn’t exactly go down too well.

As long as it’s a good fight in the ring though, that’s all that counts.

Before we get into the fan reactions here is the full episode of the show. That’s if you’d like to make you’re own mind up.

I didn’t think it was the worst to be honest. I’m not sure what people expected from it. Neither guy is exactly known for being a trash talker.

It’s not WWE either.

Both men will be doing some serious talking with their fists in just over 10 days time. An old school heavyweight fight, as it were.

Time to see what fight fans around the world thought of the show. Boxing fans react on Twitter to Joshua Klitschko The Gloves Are Off:

What do you think? Are the above comments from fans warranted?

(Top image source and credit: Sky Sports)