Andre Ward Not Intimidated By Sergey Kovalev Team

Andre Ward not paying attention to remarks from Kovalev, his team, critics and media as the light-heavyweight sets the record straight.

The Ward vs Kovalev rematch press tour has been in full swing this week with some more noticeable needle between the two fighters this time around.

They have history now after their controversial first fight and June 17th at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas will see both guys have the opportunity to prove who is indeed the best light-heavyweight in the world.

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A prevailing theme at the Oakland press conference in Ward’s hometown this week was the tension between both Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev’s teams.

Andre Ward had this to say about Kovalev’s team and others:

“I want to encourage every fighter in this room, you don’t let anybody beat you before you get in the ring. I don’t care what you say, where you’re from, what you’re reputation is. It’s a healthy respect that you have for your opponent to make you prepare and get ready physically or mentally, you got to have that. But you don’t let anybody, media, broadcasters, fighters, anybody beat you before you get in the ring. You make them earn it and if they do you tip you’re hat to them and give them that credit. But you’re not going to beat me on a reputation man.”

He added:

“This is the first time this (Kovalev’s) team has met a team where that stuff ain’t working. You beat me, you’re going to earn it. I hope he’s the best he’s going to be. I hope he makes the adjustments he’s supposed to make. We’re going to be ready. We’re not going to taking it for granted. That’s what big fights and big rematches are all about. I want the best Sergey. I want his team to be focused. I want him to be focused. My team is going to be focused. Lets see what happens. The question I have for his team is with all that loud taking, who are ya’ll trying to convince – me or him?”

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