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What Mayweather vs Pacquiao and Froch vs Groves II Did On UK PPV

The UK PPV numbers typically are not revealed in public but promoter Eddie Hearn let slip some of the big UK PPV event numbers here.

Sky Sports are the main provider and have been for over a decade of pay per view boxing in the UK.

It’s a part of the world now that is probably the capital of boxing when you look at the number of world champions from the UK and the size of the events getting put on in the country.

I can recall when Floyd Mayweather fought Ricky Hatton years ago Hatton saying afterwards in his book how the promoters of the event made a bit of a faux pas on the UK PPV split to his advantage.

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At the time, they did not think UK PPV was that big so actually apparently conceded the entire portion of UK PPV money to Hatton as part of his fight contract.

Something they would later regret and Hatton would delight in as he said it made him a very wealthy man afterwards.

That mistake will likely never be made again from US promoters – as it’s widely known now that the UK PPV market is thriving for the big fights.

But we never really know what the numbers are as Sky Sports typically don’t give them out. This week however in an interview with The Guardian Eddie Hearn divulged the following:

“Froch-Groves did 850,000 buys. Mayweather-Hatton 1.01m. Mayweather-Pacquiao 1.1m.”

Hearn was quoting the numbers in reference to him mentioning that he thinks Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko later this month could becoming the biggest selling boxing pay per view in UK history.

The above numbers make for impressive reading overall. Especially when you consider the much smaller population in the UK and Ireland compared to the USA.

The price of pay per views in the UK on Sky Sports is now at the £20 mark for Anthony Joshua’s upcoming fight.

While it’s gone up, it’s still considerably cheaper than what US fight fans typically shell out for a pay per view, a part of the world where pay per view in sports across the board don’t seem to be doing too well in anymore.

If Joshua we’re to do say 1.2 million buys for the Klitschko fight (in the UK), that’s still a whopping £24 million in pay per view sales in the UK which approximately on today’s conversion is $30 million dollars.

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