Vasyl Lomachenko Proves Why He’s One Of The Best In Boxing

Lomachenko drops

There you have it folks, Vasyl Lomachenko proves once again why he’s one of the best in boxing last night against Jason Sosa.

A smashing performance by the Ukranian fighter by showcasing his amazing skillset to get the TKO victory in the 9th round against Jason Sosa.

He win that saw him retain his WBO junior lightweight title and it was smooth sailing all the way for the boxing genius.

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Lomachenko was the heavy favorite against Jason Sosa but let’s face it, we all saw why last night.

At a basic level, he threw and landed more scoring punches than Sosa and his energy throughout the fight was top-level.

He never missed a beat and he capitalized on every single opportunity that presented itself. Predatory like.

Slowly but surely, he is making his name now throughout the fight world and this considerable Lomachenko train doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon – nor loosing any steam.

Let’s give some credit to Jason Sosa who came out ready and was able to stand toe to toe with Lomachenko at times.

It wasn’t enough though and Sosa ultimately succumbed to the incredible raw skill of Lomachenko

Lomachenko was just too much for Sosa to handle and simply was outboxed on the night.

Some may have been surprised that the fight lasted as long as it did but in the world of boxing, you don’t know what to expect in truth.

After tonight, Sosa will have to go to back to the drawing board and figure out what’s next. As for Lomachenko, what’s next? He has a list of names I’m sure wouldn’t mind going up against him.

After the fight many online were calling for the unifications. Indeed, a fight with the other champions was something the man himself mentioned after the fight too:

All in all, Vasyl Lomachenko proves again last night why many are now considering him the top pound for pound fighter in the sport of boxing.