Shannon Briggs Posts Slightly Bizarre Video – High On Life

Heavyweight Shannon Briggs posts a bit of an odd video, even for the colorful and playful character that he is.

Former heavyweight champion of the world Shannon Briggs is currently in camp at the moment.

A training camp for what could be a monumental comeback in life and his career later this year when he gets a crack at another heavyweight title.

Briggs will take on Fres Oquendo for the WBA (regular) heavyweight title on June 3rd in Florida at the age of 45 when many thought he would never get back into contention again.

Briggs’ remarkable story is a well documented one that has seen him overcome sever depression and career setbacks to stay the course and keep going over the years.

Coupled with being a social media titan.

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His social media posts and Instagram account in particular has become a beacon of entertainment and positive vibes on his ‘Lets Go Champ’ journey thus far.

Today he’s posted this odd enough update, even by his standards, where he can be heard singing ‘Champ, Champ’ in that now familiar high pitched voice that many fight fans have come accustomed to:

Shannon Briggs posts odd update

Those not familiar with his story on first inspection of the above might be a little concerned for him, but anyone remotely familiar with him will tell you that’s just Shannon Briggs being Shannon Briggs, having fun.

Despite what anyone might say about him the reality is that his comeback mission is almost complete as he narrows in on his shot at a heavyweight title once again.

If he were to win, one would imagine he’d then go for a big fight against one of the other champions before the year is out.

Will the Shannon Briggs redemption and comeback story end with a happy ending? Time will tell.