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Home » Watch: Dana White Brands Bob Arum A ‘Piece of S***’ and Responds To Mayweather’s Uncle

Watch: Dana White Brands Bob Arum A ‘Piece of S***’ and Responds To Mayweather’s Uncle

Dana White brands Bob Arum a ‘piece of s***’ and tells him “f*** you’ and responds to one of Mayweather’s uncles about McGregor fight.

Ah, Dana White. A man who never minces his words and likes to get stuff off his chest. In public.

One would have thought that the UFC president might be starting to mellow a little now. Particularly as he gets a little older and with all the money he has made.

Not the case.

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The Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor boxing match is expected to be fully negotiated in the coming weeks after McGregor and his girlfriend have their first child together.

Speculation has been rampant about what the financial split will be for both sides. Perhaps nothing more gets on Dana White’s nerves than people trying to do him or one of his fighter’s out of a fair money split it seems.

Over the last few weeks legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum made some comments in the media about the Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match. Apparently according to Dana, so did Floyd Mayweather’s uncle Jeff Mayweather.

This has gotten back to UFC president Dana White who has went off on one against Arum completely – as well as voicing his surprise at Jeff Mayweather:

Dana White brands Bob Arum a ‘piece of s***’

Dana White still as raw and uncut as ever.

Despite now no longer owning a percentage of the UFC following the massive $4 billion dollar sale to WME-IMG, Ari Emanuel and co last year.

It doesn’t appear that Dana White will be playing the corporate game anytime soon judging by the above comments following this weekend’s UFC event in Buffalo.

White has had issues with boxing promoters and members of the boxing business in the past and has never been afraid to voice what he thinks of them.

Many have come into contact with the White tongue lashings over the years in boxing. Here’s another time he roasted Bob Arum in the media: