Carl Froch Having Second Thoughts About Joshua vs Klitschko

Carl Froch having a (slight) change of mind on how he initially thought the Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko would go.

When it comes to boxing in front of big stadium crowds and handling the mammoth of the occasion, perhaps few are better qualified to pick a fight than Froch.

Whatever you might think of him, you can’t deny that he has been a genuine warrior during his boxing career. A fighter who took on all the best names of his era and never shied away from a challenge.

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He also knows Anthony Joshua’s coach Rob McCracken (Froch’s long-time coach) as good as anyone and has been keeping a watchful eye on Joshua’s progression as of late.

Speaking to Fight Hub and other members of the media Froch said:

“I think he (Klitschko) wants to put that (the Tyson Fury loss) right and that’s going to be bad news for Joshua. I think Joshua does it, but it’s going to be harder than what I first thought. Joshua has not got really any names on his record. Dillian Whyte hurt him with that left hook and since then he’s boxed Charles Martin for the title. Charles Martin, I don’t want to criticise any fighters because all fighters deserve respect, but he’s not really done anything before or since.”

He added

“He’s recent win against (Eric) Molina. Molina just came and sat behind that shoulder and jab and was just waited to get knocked out. And then there’s Dominic Breazeale. To be fair to Breazeale he came and had a go. He was tough. He took his licks. He stood in front of Joshua. He had a go back. You could see he was game. But when the mind is wiling but the physical body isn’t able or capable there’s nothing you can do.”

Froch went on:

“Joshua’s not really fought anybody that tells me he can go in there and beat Klitschko. I know he can beat Klitschko because I’ve been around him for the last six or seven years at the England squad. I’ve seen him take his licks. I’ve seen him get hurt as well in sparring and come back and finish the spar stronger. So I know what he can do, but we need to see him do it against a credible opponent.”

Interesting thoughts from Froch, who’s famous 80,000 ticket sale record at Wembley Stadium (that he loves to remind us of) will be eclipsed by the Joshua vs Klitschko fight at the same venue (90,000 tickets).

It’s one of those fights that seems to have people changing their minds on a lot as it draws closer. I like how Klitschko is so relaxed at the moment in terms of his mindset.

He really seems to be relishing the challenge and if he uses all that boxing ability and skill built up over the years and turns up on form, it could be a hard night for Joshua.

For the full interview above check it out here on Fight Hub TV YouTube (hat tip) – Carl Froch having second thoughts: