Unusual Anthony Joshua Tennis Ball Drill For Klitschko

Perhaps one of the more unique boxing training techniques we’ve come across recently in this Anthony Joshua tennis ball practice.

Many professional boxers are incorporating more modern techniques into their daily training routines these days. Be it from their diet, to recovery – to the equipment they use.

Light heavyweight hammer fist merchant Sergey Kovalev used a tennis ball routine of his own here late last year before he stepped into the ring with Andre Ward.

The school of thought is that it aids with a boxer’s hand eye coordination and timing which are obviously essential skills in the noble art.

While Kovalev’s technique above was impressive, this Anthony Joshua tennis ball drill ahead of his fight with Wladimir Klitschko seems even better:


Impressive stuff!

I was just waiting for the thing to hit him the first couple of times I watched it if truth be told.

Not to be though. Some wicked, razor sharp reflexes there while seeming to have a bit of fun with the guy throwing it at him.

Of course a tennis ball is not a right hand from Wladimir Klitschko.

However keeping out of the way of his significant blows will likely prove key if Joshua is to pull off the biggest win of his career later this month.

The biggest fight of the year so far is just around the corner – roll on.

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