What Lomachenko Goes Through 2 Days Before A Fight

Want to know what Vasyl Lomachenko goes through 48 hours ahead of a fight? This top notch short documentary outlines it exactly.

WBO world super-featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko of Ukraine returns to action next week on April 4th when he takes on Jason Sosa.

The Ukraine world champion is renowned for his preparation in that it’s ‘Hi-Tech’ by nickname. But also by nature.

He incorporates modern training, health and nutrition techniques. All to compliment his sweet science craft which is as sophisticated as it gets.

A real chess player but an explosive fighter. When he gets his man hurt he isn’t afraid to finish.

The 48 hours leading up to a fight can often be the very hardest for a professional boxer. They have to make weight as well as balancing the final bits of media obligations needed to promote a fight.

Promotion and hype goes part and parcel with professional boxing these days and always has really. But when Lomachenko gets into the ring is where he really excels.

Despite losing a close, controversial fight early on into his pro boxing career that hasn’t stopped him becoming a two-weight world champion. As quick as anyone in modern boxing history too.

His amateur pedigree helps this too of course. Being a double Olympic gold medal he has more legitimate credentials than most fighters turning pro.

Some now believe him to be one of the very best pound for pound boxers in the world already.

Aahead of his latest bout the folks at HBO (hat tip) have brought out this excellent short documentary on what Lomachenko goes through two days before a fight: