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Watch: Eddie Hearn Left Hanging From A Fighter Post-Fight Again

Published On March 27, 2017 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn left hanging once again in this hilarious short clip where a fist pump was denied.

Earlier this month there was a more light-hearted, fairly funny video here it must be said of boxing promoter Eddie Hearn getting left hanging by Tony Bellew for a fist pump / high five from the Liverpool heavyweight after he beat David Haye.

Hearn (above) went to mutually embrace Bellew to give him the obligatory congrats after such a monumental win over Haye, but alas, was rejected in slightly humorous fashion.

Probably not purposeful, though. More a misjudgement in timing from poor old Eddie.

Well, this weekend his bad luck has struck again. Former lightweight world champion and beloved Manchester boxer Anthony Crolla was beaten by the superb Jorge Linares at the Manchester Arena this past Saturday.

Crolla, understandably disappointed, was captured by one fan the exact moment when Hearn extended the fist pump only to quickly retract it after non reciprocation:

Hat tip Viral Videos YouTube – Eddie Hearn left hanging again:

Poor old Eddie Hearn, eh?

On a more serious note, what a fight this past weekend and what a performance from Venezuelan boxing maestro Jorge Linares.

A man who has made a habit on recent years of travelling to the UK and defeating some of the country’s best 135lbs fighters (Kevin Mitchell and Anthony Crolla twice).

So much so we’ve moved him into our updated top 10 pound for pound list here.

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