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Floyd Mayweather gives his reaction to Golovkin win over Danny Jacobs in recent middleweight title battle in New York.

A little over a week ago Gennady Golovkin was given a unanimous points decision over Daniel Jacobs in their middleweight unification title fight in New York.

The decision caused a stir in some quarters in the boxing world. Calls for a rematch have since come from a variety of people.

Whether or not a rematch happens straight away remains doubtful, as Golovkin is thought to be closing in on signing a unification title fight deal with WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders next up.

One man who has been linked with Golovkin at different times in the past is former pound for pound number one boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Speaking to Fight Hype, Mayweather gave his take on Golovkin’s performance against Jacobs.

Mayweather gives reaction to GGG win:

“When I was overseas I saw another fight and I thought he came up short. Ya’ll know who we’re talking about. Triple-L (referring to Golovkin) because he lost three times to me. Triple-G he can punch, he’s a good puncher. But I may need to train Danny Jacobs because he could have got the job done better. I could have shown him how to get the job done better. But Danny Jacobs put of a hell of a fight. He’s a hell of a fighter. Triple-G is a hell of a fighter. It was a good matchup.”

While a fight between Golovkin and Mayweather will never happen at this stage, it is one nonetheless that always brought up a lot of debate among fight fans over the years.

Golovkin has said in the past that he would drop weight to 154lbs to make a fight happen with Mayweather. But it appears the only bout ‘Money’ is interested in is one with Conor McGregor.

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