Anecdote From Tony Bellew On How He Thought Movie Role Offer Was A ‘P***’ Take

Tony Bellew on how he got a part in a Rocky movie and how he genuinely thought it was a joke when the producers of the movie initially called him.

Since beating heavyweight David Haye a few weeks ago Bellew’s popularity outside of the sport of boxing seems to have grown even more.

But before this, not long ago, he also landed a role in a Rocky Movie where he was the main fight rival for the star of the show in ‘Creed’.

Speaking on how he actually got the role on The Nightly Show, Bellew shared an entertaining short story on how he came into the good news:

“I was getting ready for camp for the rematch I had with the Welsh fella (Nathan Cleverly). The phone call come in and it was like, listen, Tony, my name is such and such and I’m calling on behalf of Sylvester Stallone and Warner Brothers. They want to see you to be in the next Rocky movie. 

He added:

“I just went – I don’t know what’s going on here or who’s phoned you mate but you must have the wrong number. I basically just thought it was a ‘p***’ take. If the truth be known. He phoned back again and he said I don’t think you believe me do you? I said listen mate, I’m not really in the mood. I’ve just watched my team get tanked 6-3. Just leave it out.”

He finished up by saying:

“I just said, listen, where did you get my number from? He said I got it off Ross Barkley. The phone went down immediately. Ross Barkley is a football player who plays for my beloved who plays for Everton Football Club. I phoned Ross and I said, listen lad, if you and the lads are having me on your car is going to be on bricks in the morning.”

The rest as they say is history. Here’s a clip of Bellew in the Rocky Movie ‘Creed’: