Deontay Wilder on Mayweather vs McGregor

Deontay Wilder on Mayweather vs McGregor, what he thinks of the fight, both men’s motives for the bout and more.

The Mayweather vs McGregor boxing match is thought to be in it’s final stages of negotiations at the moment – with an announcement expected any day now on it becoming official.

UFC insider Chael Sonnen claimed during the week on his podcast ‘You’re Welcome’ that he had inside knowledge that confirmed to him the fight will be taking place.

He mentioned that venue plans are now being run through and booked by organizers. It’s not done until it’s done however, as well all know. Lets wait until there is an official announcement.

Ahead of the much speculated boxing match WBC heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder has weighed in with his opinion on it.

Speaking to Fight Hype – Deontay Wilder on Mayweather vs McGregor:

“Just like Floyd always says, you robbing the bank cause it’s easy money. I think this is definitely an easy fight for him. Floyd knows it. McGregor I think he knows it as well too. I think this is more of a money stunt for McGregor more than anything. You know, everybody that fights Floyd they think about the money. Some feel that they can really beat him and they go in there and test him, like Maidana¬†did. Everybody has a chance, this is fighting, this is combat, whoever has the best strategy will win. But this is easy money for Floyd man.”

The bookmakers and the vast majority would agree with the WBC heavyweight champion’s opinion above. Although some sports books actually only have McGregor a 9 or 10/1 underdog.

I honestly thought he’d be a much bigger underdog than that against Mayweather in a straight boxing match.

The Irishman said the fight is very close to being signed recently and assured the boxing media here that he will make them eat their words when he beats Mayweather.

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