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Home » De La Hoya Not Too Optimistic About GGG vs Canelo Happening Post Jacobs Fight

De La Hoya Not Too Optimistic About GGG vs Canelo Happening Post Jacobs Fight

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya not exactly over the moon about GGG vs Canelo happening following last weekend’s Golovkin vs Jacobs fight.

Golovkin was shown to be more human then ever before when his 23 knockout fight streak came to an end on Saturday night.

Following the bout we wrote about why in theory, it should be easier now to get the Canelo mega fight made if he and his team perceive Golovkin more beatable.

Not the case according to Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya however. Speaking to the LA Times De La Hoya said:

“I actually believe (the percentages of making the fight) decrease.”

The crux in this negotiation is clearly a financial one.

Golden Boy and De La Hoya will now more than likely try to demand a bigger split for Canelo if they perceive the Mexican boxing star to be now more clear ‘A-Side’ in negotiations.

Until the official pay per view numbers come out later this week from HBO on Golovkin vs Jacobs though, it will be hard for them to totally sign off on the trail of thought just yet.

Last weekend’s fight at Madison Square Garden was a huge success at the gate according to these attendance numbers.

So it looks like negotiations between team Canelo and Golovkin will rage on for another few weeks at least.

Golovkin has stated he wants to unify the division with a fight against WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders next up too.

So he’ll have his hands more than full with that before any potential Canelo fight later in 2017.