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Watch: What Conor McGregor Said To Michael Conlan In The Ring

What Conor McGregor said to Michael Conlan when he got into the ring with him. Just before the young fighter made his professional debut at Madison Square Garden.

McGregor caused quite the storm in the boxing media this past weekend when he went straight to the boxing media table after Conlan’s fight and told them:

“I am boxing!”

Before that he had walked Michael Conlan out to the ring. Conlan then proceeded to do this business on his pro debut by stopping Tim Ibarra in the third round.

As McGregor walked him to the ring the Irish fans in attendance went into what looked to be a frenzy, as two of their fighting heroes came out.

Moments later when McGregor was in the ring with Conlan he was heard given last minute pre-fight advice to Conlan:

“Slow and smooth – smooth is fast. Get that speed up brother. Get that speed up brother.”

Conlan started off the fight slow but as he worked into the fight he began to find his groove and speed. Although he was critical of his pro debut performance afterwards it’s hard to be too critical.

He did after all score a stoppage win on his pro debut which can never be a bad thing, right?

For the behind the close up footage of Conor McGregor speaking to Conlan in the ring last Saturday night and the palpable atmosphere in New York check it out here:

(What Conor McGregor Said To Michael Conlan In The Ring – Hat tip and credit: TR Boxing YouTube)

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