Despite Controversy Why Golovkin Gonzalez Fight Weekend Was Good For Boxing

The Golovkin Gonzalez judging at the weekend has left some fans disgruntled and then some. But what did we really see in that Golovkin vs Jacobs fight this weekend? The action in the ring itself was exemplary.

Some again will say robbery, others that ‘GGG’ got exposed. Then of course the conspiracy theorists (and my personal favorite) that Golovkin is finally showing his age.

However the supporters of the sport who understand what they saw will say exactly what happened. Two ready and prepared champions went in there and done battle as best they could.

Like several fighters have done throughout the history of pugilism, respect has been earned by both fighters and both their stocks should have went up.

The fight was good for the sport in my opinion and the way they both performed was what we’ve always wanted to see from our champions. Surely.

On Roman Gonzalez’ fight this past weekend, what did we see there?

Some will say we saw a top pound for pound guy get robbed. Others will say they saw a new champion at 115lbs emerge.

Then there are those that will scream rematch (a warranted one to be fair) but as supporters of the sport, we can at least agree we saw a terrific fight.

One that hopefully will leave people wanting more of the little guys. Weight classes which traditionally are a hard sell in boxing.

Roman Gonzalez once again was pushed and showed his championship pedigree while Wisaksil Wangek showed the world that he has arrived and was fully prepared for the big moment.

What did we see all in all we so this past weekend in the Golovkin Gonzalez fights?

We saw boxing come alive in New York. We saw people standing and cheering. We saw the unexpected. This is the reason why boxing will never die in my view.

As we turn the page and look down the road at more upcoming fights, let’s remember how appreciative we all were of the quality action in the ring (not the decisions afterwards) and carry that over.

If we do that, boxing’s momentum can and will only continue to gather more pace behind it.