David Haye Explains Why He’ll Be Heavyweight Champion Once Again

David Haye explains in below video why he’ll be the heavyweight champion of the world again following loss to Tony Bellew.

Going into the Tony Bellew fight many simply put Haye’s motivation for taking the match down to finances. There was a large group of people who said he’s just fighting for money.

But to his credit, Haye did battle on from round 6 to 11 essentially on one leg before getting stopped by Tony Bellew at the 02 Arena.

A man who had no heart, was not interested in winning a fight or just boxing simply for cash would not have done so to be fair.

This question of does he “want it” was a prevailing theme in the pre-fight build-up.

Speaking on his Instagram account Haye released this video for fight fans on why he still does “want it” and why he’ll become heavyweight champion again:

Here is a little update. Thanks again for all of your support. It means the world to me ??

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A comeback to the sport before the end of 2017 as he mentions above seems like a realistic enough one. But against who is the real question.

Looking back on the injuries Haye has had in his career he has been unlucky to say the least.

Since returning to the sport from a three and a half year hiatus in more recent times Bellew made a good point in the build-up I thought about Haye.

Something that was mentioned quite a bit before the fight.

Haye had not fought a competitive fight before Bellew essentially in five years. More or less since he beat Dereck Chisora at West Ham in London.

No matter how talented a fighter is or how hard they hit, that competitive ring rust factor does catch up with an athlete as they get older.

If Haye fights again before the year is out matchmaking will me key. His opponent cannot be of a level where he will cruise through with ease.

It needs to be someone credible that can then act as a launch pad for him for a (potential) comeback in 2018 into the heavyweight mix again.