Excellent Floyd Mayweather Rio Ferdinand Sit Down Chat

floyd mayweather rio ferdinand

This Floyd Mayweather Rio Ferdinand get together in the UK makes for some interesting viewing. A sit down chat illustrating some of the slight cultural differences between sports stars on either side of the pond, as well as delving into all things Mayweather’s boxing career.

Rio Ferdinand is a successful former soccer player who played for one of the biggest clubs and sports brands in the world – Manchester united.

He knows a thing or two about becoming the best in his particular sports field. This will to be the best seemed to be a common tone in the Floyd Mayweather Rio Ferdinand chat.

He got together this week with former pound for pound number one boxer in the world Floyd Mayweather who went into some detail on his career, the lows he’s had including his best friend taking his own life, on how he had no friends in boxing in his quest to get to the top and more.

As a fellow top level sportsman, Ferdinand really seemed to do a good job in getting the best answers out of Mayweather.

It was one of those interviews where the two seemed to have an instant rapport.

One of the best of it’s type I’ve come across in a while, showing Mayweather in a slightly more real light than usual. One that also covered all things current – including that fight with Conor McGregor:

(Hat tip and credit: BT Sport YouTube)