GGG vs Jacobs 7 Day Weigh-In results Ahead of March 18th Countdown

GGG vs Jacobs fight fever is gathering considerable steam at the moment. We are now just one week out from what promises to be a middleweight war to remember.

GGG vs Jacobs pits two of the world’s leading middleweight fighters in the ring together in Madison Square Garden next St.Patrick’s Day weekend in New York.

While the beer will be flowing in the arena, the punches will be flying between middleweight number one Gennady Golovkin and 160lbs rated number two Daniel Jacobs.

Ahead of the GGG vs Jacobs fight, the official 7 day weigh-in results (as per the World Boxing Council rules) have now been revealed by one of the fighter’s promoters:

There you have it. Both men clearly in supreme condition with hardly any need of a weight cut by either over the final 7 days.

The week before the fight can often be the most taxing and stressful on a fighter with cutting weight.

But both these guys have clearly been locked away training relentlessly for months on end as the above numbers show. So no need to worry for them in terms of weight cutting.

Not long to go now, roll on fight week.