Looking Back At The GGG vs Brook Full Fight Ahead of Golovkin vs Jacobs

With one week to go until Golovkin vs Jacobs lets take a look back at Golovkin’s last outing in September and watch the GGG vs Brook full fight back.

GGG vs Brook Full Fight

The GGG vs Brook full fight didn’t last long in the end, as it concluded by a stoppage win for Golovkin in the 5th round in London.

But it wasn’t without early frustration for GGG. Brook started out very strong against the champion – moving up an entire two weight categories it must also be noted.

Golovkin will be facing a huge middleweight this weekend in Danny Jacobs however. Perhaps Jacobs also known as the ‘Miracle Man’ will take confidence from the way Brook pushed GGG back in the early rounds.

Despite putting Golovkin onto the back foot early on, one of the rare instances the middleweight knockout artist ever experienced that feeling in his career, Golovkin proceeded to walk Brook down with brute strength and power as the fight progressed.

Ultimately breaking the eye socket of Kell Brook in brutal fashion.

It’s hard to see how he would walk down a fighter of the size and power of Jacobs though, who like GGG, has clearly trained ferociously judging by these 7 day check weigh-in results today.

Lets take a look back at the GGG vs Brook full fight video and see if there is anything we can learn in terms of what Jacobs might try this coming weekend:

(Hat tip HBO YouTube)