WATCH: Claressa Shields Score Impressive TKO In 2nd Pro Fight

claressa shields

Claressa Shields marched on last night with an impressive 4th round TKO victory in Detroit, Michigan over Hungarian Szilvia Szabados.

Many within the boxing world in the US feel Claressa Shields could be spearheading a new movement in female boxing at the moment, as the young Double Gold Olympic medallist continues to embark on her professional career.

Those across the pond will say the same about Ireland’s Katie Taylor and the UK’s Nicola Adams of course, both with Olympic Gold medals under their belt too.

Both also recently have embarked on their professional boxing tenures as well.

One thing is for certain though, between them, and indeed the wider sport of female professional boxing, a shift appears to be forming in the once struggling sport of women’s boxing – as popularity and growth continue to rise.

More demand from TV companies and spectators following the success of the UFC female fighter Ronda Rousey in recent years have no doubt added to this.

Last night Claressa Shields did her part to keep the momentum going. She dominated for four rounds before finishing her opponent in the end.

It was the first premium cable boxing card in the US ever to be headlined by a woman. Here’s how Claressa Shields closed the show:

(Hat tip and credit: Showtime Boxing Twitter)