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Claressa Shields Sponsors Quest A Problem No More – A Tale Of Perseverence

Published On March 11, 2017 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Claressa Shields is pretty much a celebrity everywhere she goes now in the US. The time of Claressa Shields sponsors woes and getting turned down time and time again is a thing of the past.

This past weekend she extended her professional boxing record to 2-0 (1KO) with this stunning TKO win. In doing so she also became the first ever woman to headline a pro boxing card on premium cable TV in the US.

Claressa shields sponsors offers are no doubt plentiful now, but that was not always the case. Even after winning her first Olympic Gold medal back in 2012 for the US Рthings were slow for her.

It wasn’t until after winning a second gold medal in the Olympics of 2016 last year in Rio and her decision to turn pro, that support and backing has started to come.

Before her fight this weekend Showtime brought out this excellent short feature on Shields charting some of the early trials and tribulations she had to contend with, to now essentially being the poster girl for US female boxing.

Titled, ‘Just A Kid From Flint’ it shows what hard work and determination can really achieve if one sets their mind on a goal and is relentless in it’s pursuit:

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