Chael Sonnen Launches Tirade On Why Floyd Mayweather Is Dumb and Stupid

chael sonnen

Floyd Mayweather this week has said (while on tour in the UK) that all Conor McGregor needs to do to make a boxing match with him is sign the contract.

Apparently, there is a contract that now exists.

Mayweather repeated this a few times this week while on his tour of the UK but as of yet, no response from Irishman McGregor online at least.

As the worlds of boxing and MMA come closer together because of this story, one well known UFC fighter and all round media personality Chael Sonnen has taken exceptional insult to Mayweather’s claim.

Mayweather has been saying that McGregor has been blowing smoke in recent times, but Sonnen is adamant that it’s Mayweather doing the smoke blowing with this latest contract remark.

Chael Sonnen co-hosts a podcast called ‘You’re Welcome’ and this week has went into detail on what he thinks Mayweather is like behind the scenes in terms of his intelligence, business acumen, investing knowledge and more.

He doesn’t think much as it turns out, and goes into why he thinks Mayweather is:

“Dumber than a box of rocks.”

(Video and image hat tip and credit: Fight Game YouTube)