Insightful Portrayl of Michael Conlan Boxing Journey From Belfast To US

The Michael Conlan boxing story is just getting started in the pro ranks in the US, but it’s been a talent nurtured over many years in his homeland of Belfast.

Michael Conlan is ub many fight fans eyes’ one of the most promising professional boxers to come from Ireland in many, many years.

With this, considerable expectation sits on his shoulders.

Michael Conlan Boxing

He has a level of boxing ability for the early stage of his boxing career that many would love.

A successful amateur pedigree coupled with a burning fire to improve will inevitably in my opinion, result in his becoming the champion of the world.

As a life long boxing fan and now journalist I always enjoy watching journeys from the beginning to get to this point ever.

A fond one for me was the early Ricky Hatton days on Sky Sports TV in the UK.

Sky really told the Hatton story well and got me interested on a human level as well as a boxing fan level, as they showed Hatton as a man of the people behind the scenes in his real life, as well as a vicious, cold hearted body punch finisher in the squared circle.

US promoters Top Rank have begun this story telling process for Mick Conlan with this excellent YouTube video, which to any boxing fan, is worth a watch:

Conlan was recently training alongside Conor McGregor here as he prepares for his pro debut this month on St Patrick’s day.