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Home » Bellew Compares Haye To Fictional Movie Character From Die Hard

Bellew Compares Haye To Fictional Movie Character From Die Hard

Tony Bellew compares his opponent on Saturday night, David Haye, to a character from the movie Die Hard, as the pair verbally batter each other for one of the final times today.

The press conference, well, the final one before they fight on Saturday, took place today in London.

Bellew Compares

The pair as expected continued their trash talk, but you could almost sense today from the Facebook live broadcast on David Haye’s page that both guys were fed up of the talk now.

Haye told Bellew to expect the following on Saturday at the O2 Arena:

“Power punching, clean, crisp shots.”

Bellew responded:

“I should start calling you David Houdini Haye.”

He added:

“Training on a yacht that isn’t yours. You live in a fairy tale world.”

Towards the end of the presser Bellew pointed to this new and revamped version of Haye, that Haye has brought up in the build up as being ‘Hayemaker 2.0’:

“Your’e going to see the end of Haye faker point two and the beginning of Haye faker point three. That’s what you’re going to see on Saturday night. It’s like the bleeding Die Hard movies over here. He’s bleeding John McClane this clown. Haye faker point two, you’d think this fella is a movie franchise. Jesus Christ, I’ve never heard anything like it in my life.”

The above drew a few laughs for Bellew but come Saturday night, the comedy and talk from both guys comes to an end.