WATCH: Final Haye vs Bellew Face Off Video

The final Haye vs Bellew face off took place a short time ago before the two weigh-in tomorrow and ultimately throw down on Saturday night.

Mind games have continued all the way through the build-up to Saturday’s much (possibly overly so) hyped event in the UK.

Haye vs Bellew Face Off

It continued today with the added voice of a familiar character on the boxing circuit, and former opponent of Haye, Dereck ‘Del Boy’ Chisora.

His echoes of “Come on Tony” could be heard clearly at the final Haye vs Bellew face off below:

(Hat tip and credit: IFL YouTube)

Clearly just some bravado from Chisora of course, no doubt looking to drum up some publicity for himself.

Bellew’s insistence throughout the build-up that Haye is fake and is “living a lie” seems to be one of his final pre-fight mind games tactics.

There is no denying that he’s got under the skin of Haye in recent weeks, particularly this week, but will it be enough to have any bearing on how Haye performs?

With Haye being the strong favorite in the fight, more than anything a lot will hinge on how Bellew performs I feel.

He’ll need to box out of his skin and get through the early rounds when Haye tries to clean him out – to have a chance.

The popular school of thought is that Bellew’s gameplan will revolve around trying to drag Haye into the second half of the fight, where he feels he will get tired in.

Lets see what happens.