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The first instalment of Showtime’s acclaimed pre-fight boxing documentary series is now online with Thurman vs Garcia All Access part 1.

Not long to go now until what could be one of the best welterweight title fights in some time.

Certainly in the United States.

Many professional boxers at the moment are offering their picks on the bout, which in reality, could go either way.

Thurman vs Garcia All Access

When you think back in recent memory to eagerly awaited 147lbs showdowns, it’s almost impossible not to remember Mayweather vs Pacquiao in 2015 – for the let down in many ways that it was as a fight.

Not to compare Thurman vs Garcia this Saturday in any way to the size of that event, because obviously it’s not, but in many ways it’s a welterweight fight that I’m looking forward to much more.

Two young undefeated champions meeting in their prime. That’s what boxing is all about.

Ahead of the fight with just a few days to go here, is Showtime YouTube’s Thurman vs Garcia All Access episode one:

Fight mode for both guys? Check.

Thurman certainly looked in mean form when getting annoyed by reporter questions.

A tell tale weight making sign and indication that the brutal reality that lays in front of him is drawing near.

Garcia looks in the zone, too.

This should be a heck of a fight – I can’t see how it will be anything but.

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