WATCH: Haye and Bellew War of Words In Between Security

The David Haye and Bellew war of words took on a new level today, at least on Haye’s part. The Londoner went on the offensive verbally against Liverpool fans in support of their man Bellew.

As to be expected, Haye was heckled hard by the passionate Liverpool crowd in attendance.

Haye and Bellew War of Words

Haye was more than happy to oblige and bite on more than one occasion, referring to the hecklers as “f*****g r*****s” at one point.

Bellew on the other hand, a man known for his passion usually, was cool as a cucumber and soaked up the support.

Here is what happened in the Haye and Bellew war of words towards the end, when both men had to have security in between them for safety reasons:

(Hat tip and credit: TheSuperArsenalHD YouTube channel)

Haye’s hatred of Bellew really came out today.

In recent weeks it seemed as if he was containing it but today showed that it was simmering away beneath the surface all along.

His genuine dislike for Bellew and continued reminders of doing serious damage to Bellew in the build-up has been some of the most malice filled vernacular I’ve heard from a boxer in some time.

He really seems to want to badly hurt Bellew.

Obviously all the above talk makes for good TV and building up of the fight but from a sporting sense, lets hope whatever happens on Saturday night that both men are healthy afterwards.