Why Eddie Hearn Believes Amir Khan Has Disrespected Boxing Fans

Promoter Eddie Hearn believes UK fighter Amir Khan has shown utter contempt and PR blasphemy against his own customer. Essentially biting the hand that feeds him.

There is no denying that fans make fights and without them, there is no professional sport of boxing in the first place.

Eddie Hearn Believes

Anyone involved at the top level of boxing who is arrogant enough to think otherwise, particularly in today’s transparent modern social media driven era, would be very unwise to do so indeed.

The ongoing attempts to make a Kell Brook and Amir Khan fight happen in 2017 look like they are not going well at all.

Recently, Amir Khan put out a tweet saying that the fight will happen when he wants it to.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn has taken particular issue with this:

“Amir Khan needs to understand that fans make fights, fans pay wages. Whether it’s putting their bums on seats and spending their money on ticket money or tuning in to watch fights. They are reflective of TV revenue and rights. You don’t show such arrogance and disrespect for the fans.”

Khan has recently been in the news a lot for many reasons outside of the boxing ring.

From dealing with an ongoing beef between his wife and parents, a multi-million business deal costing him millions more than he thought it would, to getting rid of his father and other team members from his management team.

To be fair to Khan, he’s got a lot going on outside of boxing at the moment.

But Hearn has a point above all the same.

For the full interview check it out here on IFL TV YouTube:

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