Report: Amir Khan Business Deal Loses Boxer $3.5 Million Dollars

An Amir Khan business deal has reportedly gone pear shaped on a massive scale for the boxer.

Amir Khan has had to deal with a huge amount of adversity this past six to twelve months.

From in the ring – being on the end of a knockout of the year punch from Mexican Canelo Alvarez, to having to contend with a family feud between his wife and parents – to a sex tape emerging from his younger days.

It’s not been an easy time for him.

amir khan business

Now he’s got the news of a business deal he was involved in his hometown of Bolton in the UK going wrong.

By seemingly catastrophic proportions.

Richard Moriarty of The Sun has reported that Khan’s father has left him almost £3 million pounds ($3.5 million US dollars) out of pocket on a project he was managing.

He has reported that Khan was involved in the development of a new banqueting hall due to open later in 2017.

However when Khan went over the costs of the project, what he thought would cost $3.2 million initially ended up costing nearly £6 million (a £2.8 or $3.5 million dollar loss approx).

Khan recently removed his father Shah from his management team amid ongoing problems he is working through with his wife and his parents at the moment.

In Moriarty’s report, Khan said everyone was blaming his father for the above deal costing him so much money – but he no longer speaks to his property adviser anymore who he said had lied to him.

From a boxing perspective it was hoped that Khan would fight Kell Brook for the IBF welterweight world championship this summer.

However it now looks like Brook will face mandatory challenger Errol Spence instead next up, leaving Khan’s immediate future in the ring unknown at this time.

It’s not been an easy past 12 months or so for Amir Khan.

Lets hope his luck changes soon for the exciting fighter and gets back to doing what he does best in the ring.