Report: Amir Khan Dad Shah Khan Gets Fired By His Son

Amir Khan dad Shah Khan has been removed from team Khan by his son. The news comes following recent reports that the Khan family are feuding over an issue with Khan’s wife.

For those that have followed Amir Khan’s career from the amateurs when he won the silver medal for Great Britain, to right through his professional boxing career to date, you’ll know he’s been very close to his father who has had a big management role in his career.

That has all come to an end now.

Amir Khan dad Shah Khan has been sacked by his son from team Khan according to a report from The Mirror today – along with his uncle and best friend who also had roles in Khan’s management team.

Recently Amir and his wife took to British television here to give their take on a recent sex tape of the boxer that was leaked online.

During the interview suggestions were made that it could have been leaked by employees or even family members.

The news today from a boxing perspective certainly comes as a blow to Amir Khan, a fiercely loyal man to his family from what I have observed throughout his career.

However the move is understood to be a strictly business one.

From a boxing standpoint, this also leaves the negotiations that were ongoing for a potential massive UK showdown with IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook up in limbo.

Presumably, members of team Khan such as Asif Ali will lead these negotiations on towards a possible fight that many hope for this summer.

Khan hasn’t fought since last May when he was knocked out by Canelo Alvarez which was recently voted by Ring Magazine as the knockout of the year for 2016.