Mayweather and Broner talk after Granados Fight – Broner Wants Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather and Broner speak on the phone following Broner’s split decision win over Adrian Granados in Ohio and afterwards Broner talks about a possible fight with Manny Pacquiao.

It appears all differences that Mayweather and Broner once had have been put aside.

Mayweather and Broner

The two had somewhat of a public spat in 2016 for different reasons it seemed, at one time or another, but are friends once more – with Mayweather apparently now like a mentor type figure to the 4-weight world champion.

In the early part of Broner’s career it appeared as though he was modelling his entire boxing style and indeed promotional persona totally on Mayweather.

Although in recent times he looks like he is trying to be more himself, making an effort to be more humble too.

After the Grandos fight this past weekend Mayweather and Broner talked on the phone below, as well as afterwards Broner touching on what might be next:

(Hat tip and credit: ES News YouTube)

Pacquiao and Crawford both represent interesting fights and either of the two would offer ‘AB’ very stern tests based on last weekend’s performance.

While Granados had more of a punch output, Broner was more economical in his shots landed but stepping in with the likes of a Terence Crawford or Manny Pacquiao is obviously a completely different story.

Both men are currently under the Top Rank banner and if either of the fights were to happen in 2017, more than likely it would be in the second half of the year one would imagine.