Adrien Broner vs Granados Full Fight Review

In case you missed the fight, the first fight in boxing history that a big fight was streamed live on Twitter for free for the public. Lets take a look quick look back.

Adrien Broner vs Granados proved to be a more competitive, action filled encounter that some may have suspected beforehand.

But as we said throughout the week at Boxing News and Views, it would have been unwise to write Granados completely off.

Broner vs Granados Full Fight

He came into the fight in terrific condition and was looking to rain on Broner’s home State return parade.

That he nearly did.

Broner got a split-decision in his hometown in the end, outlasting Granados in a tough 10 round 147lbs brawl.

It was an action packed fight with plenty of back and forth exchanges for both men.

Granados exhibited excellent come forward aggression throughout and was not intimidated by Broner in the slightest.

Broner landed some nice uppercut counters to offset this aggression at times.

Granados’ heart was very impressive in the contest, having had to deal with a cut early on in the fight – causing blood to pour across his face for large portions of the contest.

It was revealed after the fight that Broner was dealing with an injury to his left hand early on in the fight.

In case you missed it, here’s the Adrien Broner vs Granados full fight video:

After the fight Broner mentioned that he was making an effort to be a more humble person outside the ring.

He offered an apology for some of his behavior in the past, noting that it wasn’t how a role model for kids should act.

After such an entertaining fight tonight, calls will definitely be made for a part II of this.

No doubt many fights fans would watch a rematch.

With the win Broner took his pro record to 33-2-24KO.